Kate C, Colchester CT

"I have had the pleasure of working with Linda since mid 2015. I began with Linda after damaging my shoulder and completing physical therapy. Linda was recommended to me to assist with my ongoing arthritis symptoms and wellness as I manage in my older years. 

Linda is an amazing motivator! She always makes me feel proud of my accomplishments, no matter how small they may be at times. Linda has helped me learn how to manage my arthritic symptoms on a daily basis. She also has given me skill sets to work on at home that are manageable and efficient. 

Linda is so strong in her Pilates and strength training workouts. I always feel pushed and accomplished at the end of each session. Continuing to maintain my strength and pain will be an ongoing goal for me, and I hope to continue with Linda as my trainer for as long as I can to help with my motivation and small successes over time!"

Jill H, Pomfret CT

"Linda is a personal trainer like no other. She strives in achieving continuing education to best train, improve and teach her clients how to obtain and maximize their goals. Her compassion for her clients' success, setting measurable goals while maintaining functionality is immeasurable.  Linda's knowledge base in working with client's medical complexities and how to best benefit them is a rare find! Truly a gift to her profession and her clients!"

Kerrie W, Plainfield CT

"Three years ago my husband and I decided to begin a healthier lifestyle. After a couple of month of eating better and daily walks we hit a plateau. We knew we needed guidance on how to increase our workouts and did not feel local gyms would meet our needs. 

We started looking for personal trainers online. When we came across Linda Magee's website we were impressed with her training and experience. We emailed Linda and she contacted us quickly to set up a home meeting. During our first meeting Linda was very professional and answered all our questions. We decided Linda would come into our home weekly for early am workouts.

Three years later we are in the best shape of our lives, including Mike keeping off his 60 lb weight loss. Linda has introduced us to weigh lifting, circuit training, Pilates, TRX and the BOSU. We are given printed workouts to work on during the week and Linda always follows up to see if we have any questions along with anything that may be new to us.

If you are looking for a personal trainer with a professional attitude, great motivational skills and years of experience we highly recommend Linda Magee."

Jay G, Houston TX

"Linda is an awesome inspiration. I have had the pleasure of working along side her as her colleague at the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She is an organized, professional who prides herself on keeping current with new trends in the fitness industry. She is a very quick but thorough decision maker and can adapt to changes in an instant. I admire her not only from a professional standpoint but a personal one as well. Dedicated individuals like Linda are hard to find. "​

Dan C, college student

"I've been working with Linda since June of 2017. She's extremely well organized and took the time to get to know my individual needs. The pilates workouts have helped me with my back issues and my posture. Linda has helped me stay motivated and positive."

Kelly H, Southbridge MA

"When I started with Linda, just four sessions back, I had just finished therapy for a herniated disk (back surgery).  Although I am pain free, my muscles were weak; I had gained weight; I couldn’t even touch the top of my knees w/o bending! Linda has been very motivating and encouraging…she doesn’t give up or give in to my weaknesses.  If I can’t do it correctly, she continues to find other tools and/or equipment to help me until I get it correct (she has continued to be patient while improving my strength and flexibility).  She has also taught me the proper exercises to do and will correct me if I’m not performing the exercise the right way.  Our hour flies by, however I am always left with things I could do at home or at the gym on my own.  If you don’t have self-discipline, Linda is your go to person.  My hour flies by and I feel motivated to stay longer and workout on my own!  I always look forward to more sessions. "

Ellen S, Pomfret CT

"Excellent personal trainer! Linda is knowledgeable - exercises are adapted to level of fitness, physical limitations, and fitness goals. Workouts use multi-modalities, strategies, and equipment (or no equipment) as appropriate. You are monitored closely to avoid injury and maximize benefits. And, she makes it all an enjoyable experience I look forward to my sessions with Linda!"

Mike W, Plainfield CT

"I have had the opportunity to work out with Linda for the past three years (starting 2015). Every week she brings a distinct workout tailored for my goals, along with retaining my motivation. Linda's knowledge and perseverance has assisted me to surpass my goals,  given me an amazing level of health, and has strengthened me to accomplish my cycling ambition (century rides). I look forward to and try to anticipate what she creates for the next workout"

Lynn D, Southbridge MA

"Linda is simply excellent! I look forward to my training sessions. I’ve been working with her 2 years .The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Linda’s perfect combination of diverse training methods. Her professional knowledge & enthusiastic commitment to her clients provides the perfect scenario for success!                         

Thank you Linda "